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    Accident analysis and preventive measures of side tipping of rear dump semi - trailer


    Accident analysis and preventive measures of side tipping of rear dump semi - trailer

    Today we are going to ship this dump semi trailer to our African customers.He find us through


    1. The ground at the dumping site is uneven and steep.The ground of the dumping site must be level and the gradient difference is not big. If the level work is not complete, the surface of the unloading site will be uneven and the difference is large, which is easy to cause accidents.The ground of dumping site must not be soft ground.When the unloading place of the dump truck is on the road surface formed by the dumped materials, due to the large gap between some materials, there is compressible space.When the vehicle is under heavy load, due to the large pressure per unit area, local subsidence is caused, resulting in inclined contact position between the driving wheels on both sides and the ground.As the center of gravity of the dump truck increases with the increase of the height of the car and the materials in the car, a relatively large eccentricity moment is generated, which causes the whole dump truck to roll over.

    2.The materials in the carriage are loaded unevenly, with partial load.At this time, if there are other reasons such as vehicle movement, it is very easy to cause vehicle rollover.

    3. Before the unloading operation, the driver fails to strictly observe the safety operation rules of the dump truck, that is, the unloading operation can only be carried out after the parking brake is implemented.If the unloading site is just in the downhill, when the vehicle lifting operation, material sliding process, resulting in the vehicle slipping, in the process of slipping the car because of the uneven road surface, coupled with the carriage in the lifting state caused by the upper shaking, easy to cause accident. 

    4. Poor visibility of unloading location.If the dump truck is unloading, it is at the moment when it is getting dark. Due to poor vision, if the driver does not carefully observe the unloading location, it may choose the wrong place for unloading, and eventually leads to the accident.

    1. Ensure that the vehicle is in good technical condition, such as the lifting cylinder and connection parts are firm and reliable, the floor of the carriage is flat, and the rear self-locking switch is sensitive and reliable.

    2. When loading the semi-trailer with materials, the driver shall ensure that the loading is even and overload loading is prohibited.

    3. When lifting, the driver should lift at an appropriate speed to avoid speeding the throttle.

    4. Make regular use of loaders and other machinery to level and compaction the unloading site.