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    Analysis on the Causes and Preventive Countermeasures of the Side Slip of the Semi-trailer Train


    Analysis on the Causes and Preventive Countermeasures of the Side Slip of the Semi-trailer Train


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    Causes of the side-slip accident of semi-trailer trailers


    (1) Brake coordination time is too long, ABS or ABS is not effective


    (2) The speed of the vehicle is fast and the steering measures are improper. In the event of such a traffic accident, the driver of the semi-trailer will describe the accident after the incident. The common point is that the vehicle will come in the opposite direction of the cornering of the car. After the emergency braking measures are taken, the trailer will be slipped.


    (3) Low adhesion coefficient: Most of the semi-trailer train trailer slip accidents occur in rain and snow, especially on wet asphalt pavement and road sections with low adhesion coefficient.


    (4) Insufficient height in the road surface of the accident: The accident occurred in the curved road section. The cross slope of the road is small or has no cross slope. The inertial centrifugal force generated during the accident cannot be eliminated or reduced, which is very likely to cause the tail-rail accident of the semi-trailer train.

    Preventive measures for the side slip accident of semi-trailer trailers

    (1) The characteristics of the semi-trailer's own length of the train caused the brake coordination time to be too long. In addition to the production standards, the brake time difference between the tractor and the trailer is reduced. The manufacturer is required to install the protection according to GB/T13594. Hold the brakes. The driver should take a brake before entering the curve. Once the trailer is slipping, immediately release the brake pedal and accelerate the traction of the tractor to the normal driving direction if necessary. At the same time, the driver increases the passing of the corner course in the A2 driver's license examination.


    (2) Set a speed reducer on the road section where the accident is frequently curved, and set the speed measuring device if necessary. Set traffic warning signs to remind the driver of the passing vehicle that there is a curve ahead, which is an accident-prone road section and should be decelerated in advance. A convex mirror is arranged at the corner to enable the driver at both ends of the curve to find the other party in time and take deceleration measures in advance.


    (3) Strengthening the inspection of trailer tires in the annual inspection of semi-trailer trains, requiring the vehicle owner to use the tires that meet the requirements of the pattern depth to increase the friction between the vehicle and the road surface during the accident, thus avoiding the occurrence of similar accidents.


    (4) Negotiating with the highway department to change the road surface material of the accident, such as replacing it with cement pavement, increasing the roughness of the road surface, improving the cross slope of the road surface, and appropriately widening the road surface when conditions permit, so that the upper and lower lanes are separated.