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    The five major development trends of semi-trailers


    The five major development trends of semi-trailers

    Kenyan middlemen contact us through,and he ordered three 2 axles 40ft container flat bed semi trailer.We are preparing for delivery today.

    Semi-trailer is the main force of cargo transportation. The driver's friends are most familiar with the model. The future development trend of semi-trailer directly affects the efficiency of road transportation. In the future, what are the development trends of semi-trailer development?

    Trend 1: Lightweight, more cargo loading

    Trend 2: Intelligent, semi-trailer will become smarter

    Trend 3: Compliance, disc brakes will be popularized

    Trend 4: Efficient, longer maintenance mileage for semi-trailers

    Trend 5: Specialization, semi-trailer special car will be inevitable