CIMC 80 tons gooseneck detachable lowbed trailer

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    Product Name : CIMC 80 tons gooseneck detachable lowbed trailer
    Product : CIMC 80 tons gooseneck detachable lowbed trailer
    Payload : 80 tons
    Application : to carry excavator , bulldozer , heavy machinery and equipment
    Axle : anqiao

    CIMC 80 tons gooseneck detachable lowbed trailer

    Gooseneck detachable lowbed trailer is used to haul heavy equipment such as construction machines and products, industrial equipment or other heavy duty cargos. 

    The gooseneck is detached using large hydraulic cylinders to raise and lower the trailer . It's fastest and easiest  to detach the gooseneck . The main difference between front loading trailer and normal lowbed trailer is that the front loading trailer 's working platform is much lower . It could be made into 750mm or even lower . 

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    80 tons lowbed trailer


     Overall L*W*H

      16,000*3,000*750 mm  (customized)

      Load weight

      80 tons

    Main beam materialHigh strength steel HG60 


       3*16 tons yuerk axles  ( you can also choose 14 tons , 15 tons , 16 tons

       axles in anqiao brand )


      11R22.5 tubless tires , 12 pcs ( 11.00R20 , 385/65R22.5, 12R22.5 ,

      11R22.5 or other tire model for your choice ) You can chosse triangle ,

      Double coin , linglong or other brand tires etc . 

     Diesel engine

      chaoyang brand , 12KW


      2 inch or 3.5 inch bolted type


      Steel suspension


     Detachable gooseneck with hydraylic cylinders 

    Electrical system 24V , LED lights

      Tool box , spare tire carrier , rope hooks

    Remark: we can supply reinforced gooseneck detachable lowbed trailer solution according to the road 


    Detailed Pictures

    gooseneck detachable lowbed trailer.jpg

    The trailer is 2,500mm in width . Meantime , there's an extendsion design to extend 500mm . For this solution , it can also reduce the shipping cost . 

    gooseneck detachable lowbed trailer.jpg

    The "工" shape side beam could effectively enhance its payload bearing capacity .

    CIMC lowbed trailer.jpg

    The lowbed trailer's axle is anqiao brand 

    Any inquiry of gooseneck detachable lowbed trailer , just contact with me freely . 

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